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Did you know that,

60% of the world’s snow leopard habitats are located in China,

while only 1.7% of them have been surveyed systematically.


A snow leopard in Sanjinagyuan captured by a camera trap 

 (Photo: Shan Shui Conservation Center)

A map for the nationwide snow leopard survey 

Source: Status of Snow Leopard Survey and Conservation, China 2018 (exposure draft)  

Graphic: Xiao Lingyun


Did you know that,

33.2% of wild giant pandas live outside of protected areas.

The forests they live in require protection from local inhabitants.


A wild panda captured by a camera trap in Tangjiahe National Nature Reserve 

(Photo: Shan Shui Conservation Center)


Our grasslands, forests and rivers are under critical ecological crises.


Join a team of “Shan Shui Conservation Patrons”,

and from now on,

you can provide monthly support to local ecological conservation in China.

We need your participation in protecting our nature.

What dose it mean to be a Shan Shui Conservation Patron?


Who are Shan Shui Conservation Patrons?

Li Xinrui, a local youth  

who was once trained in the military, and strived to make a living in the cities,

has now returned to his hometown Guanba, a habitat of the giant panda.

He joined the anti-poaching patrol team,

developed a local beekeeping cooperative,

and became the backbone of local community-based conservation.

You, can also stand with us.

The “seven buddies” from Guanba River Community Conservation Area 

Li Xinrui (first person on the right)


Who are Shan Shui Conservation Patrons?

Han Lili, illustrator and creator of the cartoon character “Alatoy”.

With her paintbrushes,

she creates vivid art pieces and profiles of wildlife species

to encourage more people to learn about and appreciate the beauty of nature.

You, can also stand with us.

Posters designed by Han Lili for Shan Shui on “99 Charity Day” of 2019


There are many more nature guardians.

They climb up mountains to set up and maintain camera traps.

They participate in ecosystem and biodiversity surveys.

They help to clear aquatic plants and restore wetlands on weekends.

They repost and spread information about nature conservation…

They are ordinary people, just like you and me.


If you care about nature,

we sincerely invite you to become a “Shan Shui Conservation Patron” in the coming Year of the Pig.

Set a goal,

and simply by contributing a small donation each month,

you can participate in natural conservation in person.

Let us stand together for nature.


Please scan the QR code to learn more about our monthly donation campaign and how to become a Shan Shui Conservation Patron.

translated by Yu Xue, edited by Songyu Chai & Emma