Shan Shui Conservation Center | Third Quarterly Briefing of 2019 (July-September)


Over the past summer, numerous projects of Shan Shui have gradually came to shape.

How did Shan Shui mature over the last season? Let us reflect together!

Thank you for supporting us all along. We sincerely look forward to seeing you again in the upcoming season.

For more details, please read our [Q3 2019 Quarterly Briefing]

Protecting Clouded Leopards and Rainforests

Launching of the Menglian Heishan Community Protected Area Project

During July, with support from the Amity Foundation, Shan Shui Conservation Center launched the “Menglian Heishan Community Protected Area Project” on Alipay’s philanthropy platform. This project is jointly led by Huotang Cultural Organization, local communities in Lafu Heishan, Peking University Center for Nature and Society, as well as Shan Shui Conservation Center. Together they will be conducting community-based monitoring field work at Mt. Lafu Heishan in Menglian County within Pu’er, Yunnan Province. Through biodiversity surveys at Lafu Heishan, we will be able to fill in the gaps of baseline information of local flora and fauna. As a result, effective evidence-based conservation plans can be made, in order to work together with the local communities to better protect clouded leopards and rainforests.

Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkeys 3000+

Establishment of All-coverage Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkey Conservation Network

On July 15, Yunnan’s first ever Wildlife Conservation Network: the Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkey Conservation Network, is established. The Network was initiated by 13 different institutions, including governmental departments, NGOs, research institutes and nature reserves, some of which are: Yunnan Provincial Forestry and Grassland Administration, Yunnan Green Environment Development Foundation, Yunnan Baima Snow Mountain National Nature Reserve Management and Protection Bureau, The Nature Conservancy, and Shan Shui Conservation Center. This is the very first attempt of a broad unification in conservation between governments, non-profit organizations, research institutes and local communities, in order to greatly enhance conservation of the Yunnan snub-nosed monkey and its habitat.

By now, Shan Shui Conservation Center has become a member and technical support agency in the All-coverage Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkey Conservation Network. Our application for Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkey 3000+ Special Fund has also been approved. In the future, we will work alongside our community partners to continue guarding the millions of living-beings in the Yunnan snub-nosed monkey habitat!

We are Born in the Cross-border Rainforest

13th PRC-Lao PDR Transboundary Conservation Communication Annual Meeting

On July 18, The 13th PRC-Lao PDR Transboundary Conservation Communication Annual Meeting was held in Phôngsali Province of Laos. During the Meeting, Shan Shui Conservation Center donated patrol equipment to Provincial Department of Agriculture and Forestry of Phôngsali, Oudomxay, and Luang Namtha forest protection unit. This field equipment was raised by the Project “We are Born in the Cross-border Rainforest”. It is our hope that this can help advance the collection of baseline data on biodiversity in the three neighboring provinces along the China-Laos border. By operating alongside current on-the-ground projects on raising public awareness of existing legislations, prevention of wildfires in forests, prevention of poaching and illegal logging, as well as community development, Shan Shui hopes to promote a more comprehensive and integrated conservation system in the three provinces of Laos.

Nature Education in Guanba

Ai You Teenager Pioneer Program

During July 12-15, following the Ai You Family Camp inside the Guanba Community Protected Area in Pinwu County, Ai You Teenager Pioneer Program came to Guanba once again. The Program aims to introduce teenagers to a world of rural living, philanthropy and nature in China, where they can closely observe and experience things which they have not encountered before, in a real-life situation. Within the four-day itinerary, teenagers participated in ranger patrols, conducted community-based surveys, learned about bees and ecosystems, and discovered more about rural areas, nature and community-based conservation through hands-on practices. At the end, participants shared their experiences and received their certificates.

New Power in Conservation

Guanba Shan Shui Fellow Training Workshop

From July 29 to August 4, the Shan Shui Fellow Training Workshop was held at Guanba Village inside Pingwu County, Mianyang, Sichuan. During this week, the fellows shared their personal experiences with each other, and together with experts they discussed the issues in conservation and sustainable development in China. Supported by mentors, community representatives, and staffs, the fellows also received training on how to conduct scientific research, community surveys, patrol experiences, etc. After this trip to Guanba, the fellows then headed towards their own positions to start their conservation work on the ground.

Zuoxi River Basin Community Protected Area in Chaoyang Village

Socioeconomic surveys and annual summary report

From August 5-9, socioeconomic surveys were conducted inside Zuoxi River Basin Community Protected Area in Chaoyang Village, Yang County, Hanzhong, of Shaanxi Province. During a period of 5 days, Shan Shui’s Chengdu office and three volunteers surveyed five villager groups in Chaoyang Village. They also interviewed members from the Village Committees and administration team of the Community Protected Area. In the end, together with Shan Shui’s partners, they made a summary report of eighteen-months of work in the Community Protected Area. Different participants in the discussion have clearly concluded that, the paramount tasks from now on will be to expand the Community Protected Area, to export nature education products, and to strengthen training and awareness-raising.

Evaluation of the Conservation Efficacy in Bai Shui Jiang Reserve

Review Meeting on the Report of 40 Years of Nature Observation in Bai Shui Jiang Reserve

On August 29, the Review Meeting on the Report of 40 Years of Nature Observation in Gansu Bai Shui Jiang National Nature Reserve was held in Wen County. Shan Shui and Peking University Center for Nature and Society gave an oral presentation on the Report. Subsequently, experts from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sichuan Forestry Academy, Tianshui Normal University, and Sichuan Green Foundation were invited to review and propose adjustments to the Report. This Report made specific suggestions on action plans for the Reserve from now on, which will lead to a better future for the Bai Shui Jiang Area of Giant Panda National Park.

How are the Monkeys over the Hill?

Naren Research Volunteer Program in Deqin, Yunnan

On August 11-15, with the support of P&G China, Yonghui Superstores and China Environmental Protection Foundation, Shan Shui joined Wild China and a few more volunteers in conducting a community survey at Naren Village in Deqin, Yunnan. We surveyed and recorded the environment around the village, the vegetation types, and the status of land use. The project aims to refine data of the Yunnan snub-nosed monkey, to understand factors which threaten their survival, and to supply data and footages to support the community in developing habitat patrols and species monitoring programs.

A Midsummer’s Fruit

Nyanpo Yutse Meconopsis barbiseta Research Volunteer Program

With the support of P&G China, Yonghui Superstores, and the China Environmental Protection Foundation, the one-week long Meconopsis barbiseta Research Volunteer Program kicked off inside Nyanpo Yutse of Jiuzhi County, Guoluo, Qinghai, since August 11. Staff from Shan Shui and 6 research volunteers from different regions, age groups and backgrounds all came together, to survey the populations and age structures of the species Meconopsis barbiseta. The team also conducted interviews with local communities. The Program provided necessary data for Nyanpo Yutse Conservation Association for building the Meconopsis barbiseta Community Protected Area, as well as assisting the Shanshui “Nature Watch” biodiversity database with valuable resources.

Fantastic Beasts are Over Here

Jiatang Nature Watch Festival

On August 12-14, Shanshui Conservation Center hosted the Nature Watch Festival on Jiatang Grassland in Chengduo County, Yushu, Qinghai. 8 teams from all over the country conducted biodiversity surveys on two areas: Bailong Valley and Jiatang Grassland. The teams recorded in total 15 species of mammals, 71 species of birds and 156 species of plants. These include 2 new records of mammal species and 9 new records of bird species. The event helped to enrich the baseline data of local flora and fauna. Moreover, the participants also observed stray dogs for 189 times, thus providing references for researchers to evaluate the impact of stray dogs on ecosystems.

System of Protected Areas Based on National Parks

China’s First National Park Forum

On August 19-20, China’s first National Park Forum was held in Xining, Qinghai. The Forum was hosted by Qinghai Provincial Government and National Forestry and Grassland Administration. Professor Lu Zhi, the founder of Shan Shui, and Zhao Xiang, Conservation Director of Shan Shui, shared their experiences in community-based conservation on the Forum. Shan Shui also discussed innovative pathways to development of national parks with representatives from many organizations, as well as experts and scholars. Professor Lu Zhi also hosted the Side Meeting on Wildlife Monitoring and Conservation.

How is our Snow Leopard Conservation?

2019 Snow Leopard Forum

On August 22-23, the fourth Snow Leopard Forum was held in Xining by the members of China Snow Leopard Conservation Network. Representatives from dozens of institutions involved in snow leopard research and conservation attended the Forum, including governmental departments, research teams, nature reserves and NGOs. The meeting themes focused on the current status of world-wide snow leopard conservation, especially on the most up-to-date advancements in both population monitoring and community-based conservation practices in various parts of China. In addition, over a dozen organizations joined the Network’s discussions for the first time, and shared the status of snow leopard habitat and the problems they confronted. The discussions of members on the Forum led to a finalized collaboration scheme for China Snow Leopard Conservation Network. Members voted for the first Executive Committee, in order to promote conservation work persistently.

Assisting Snow Leopard Conservation

Launching of “Snow Leopard Homeland Guardian Actions”

With the support of Alibaba Foundation and Amity Foundation, Shan Shui launched the “Snow Leopard Homeland Guardian Actions” Project on Taobao. The Project will continue exploring the possibility for snow leopards and local communities to co-exist through methods such as community-based wildlife monitoring, anti-poaching patrols, management of human-animal conflicts, natural experiences and village governance, etc.

“99 Charity Day”

Urban Citizen Scientists

Thanks to the support of Amity Foundation and Huatai Securities’ “Yi Xin Hua Tai” Charity Program, this 99 Charity Day, Shan Shui joins the team led by Dr Wang Fang of Fudan University in launching the “Urban Citizen Scientists” Project. The Project attempts to survey and conserve urban wildlife by harvesting the power of the general public, with the aim of inspiring ongoing attention to urban ecosystems. Until 11:59 pm on September 9, the “Urban Citizen Scientists” Project has raised a total of 1,010,663.32 RMB from 3,048 people. Shan Shui is deeply committed to using this fund for research and conservation of urban wildlife!

Nature in Beijing

Restoration of Urban Biodiversity in Beijing and Eco-education Demonstration Project Commences

In August 2019, the “Nature in Beijing” Project officially commenced. The Project is a collaboration across Beijing Gardening and Greening Bureau, Peking University, and Shan Shui Conservation Center. Through restoration of biodiversity inside urban areas of Beijing, and demonstration of eco-education programs, the Project attempts to restore the biodiversity inside urban green spaces, allowing residents to enjoy the nature around us. On September 21, Shan Shui and NatureWin jointly hosted the first Citizen Nature Watch event inside the Olympic Forest Park in Beijing. Participants were divided into two groups: nature observation and phenological monitoring. They all had a great time in nature through photographing the flora and fauna and recording phenological data in the Park.

When Flowers Bloom, Meet the Butterflies

2019 Butterfly Monitor Volunteering Activities

Butterfly monitoring centers around June to September in 2019. Within this period of time, we organized 8 volunteering activities, with 64 volunteers participating in total. We chose two sample lines: one in the Cherry Valley inside Beijing Botanical Garden, the other in the Lilac Valley of Badaling Forest Park.

This has been the third year for the Project. Butterflies are a crucial indicator species. It is possible to evaluate ecosystem health by monitoring the numbers and distributions of butterflies, and subsequently design evidence-based conservation plans based on the specific situation.

Thank You for Being the 1/400,000

Shan Shui’s Official Weibo Account has reached 400,000 Followers

Until the end of September, the number of followers of Shan Shui Conservation Center’s official Weibo account has reached 400,000. The viewing times for our threads on both Weibo and WeChat accounts also increased substantially. Thank you for your ongoing support for Shan Shui: we will keep planning for more thoughtful, fun and valuable contents for everyone. Til next season, we’ll continue this journey!

translated by Yiyu Chen, edited by Emma