Shan Shui Conservation Center | Fourth Quarterly Briefing of 2019 (October-December)


Today is the last day of 2019. We greatly appreciate everyone for your ongoing support for Shan Shui Conservation Center. Here we present the Q4 2019 Quarterly Briefing of Shan Shui. We sincerely invite you to reflect upon what we have achieved. Shan Shui sends the warmest wishes to you for the coming year.

Nature Across Border, Transboundary Conservation

Symposium on Transboundary Biodiversity Conservation in Southwest China

On October 4, Shan Shui Yunnan project team was invited to attend the Symposium on Transboundary Biodiversity Conservation in Southwest China. Shan Shui hopes to explore new ideas and measures of trans-boundary conservation with our friends, and search for new opportunities of collaboration in conservational in this biodiversity hotspot region.

Contingents Across the Country Gathered by the Discussion on Giant Panda Conservation

Summary Meeting of Two-province and Three-county United Anti-poaching Patrols of Giant Panda National Park

On October 15, the Summary Meeting of Two-province and Three-county United Anti-poaching Patrols of Giant Panda National Park was held in Pingwu County, Sichuan Province. Representatives from 10 work units of 9 nature reserves attended the meeting, including Gansu Bai Shui Jiang National Nature Reserve, Sichuan Tangjiahe National Nature Reserve and Laohegou Nature Reserve. The Giant Panda National Park Management Bureau expressed approvals and congratulations on the achievement of their anti-poaching actions.

Green and Low-carbon Development for a Better Homeland

Shan Shui presented with “Outstanding Contribution Award” at Sichuan International Symposium on Forestry Carbon Sink

On October 18, Sichuan International Symposium on Forestry Carbon Sink was held at Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu. The Symposium was hosted by Sichuan Provincial Forestry and Grassland Bureau and Chengdu Municipal People’s Government. Organizations and academics from all over the world shared and discussed their perceptions of relevant topics of forestry carbon sink. Shan Shui Conservation Center was honored to be presented with the “Outstanding Contribution Award” for our endeavor in promoting the development of forestry carbon sink in Sichuan.

Protecting Clouded Leopards and Rainforests

Menglian Heishan Community Protected Area Monitoring Project in Action

With the support of the Amity Foundation, Shan Shui Conservation Center has collaborated with Peking University Center for Nature and Society, Huotang Cultural Organization and the local communities to carry out community-based monitoring projects in Lafu Heishan. On October 23, the monitoring team and local forest rangers set off again to maintain the camera traps that were placed in the first half of the year. Up to now, we have recorded 15 species of mammals, 11 species of birds, 2 species of amphibians/reptiles and 4 species of insects (all based on data from camera traps) in the Menglian Heishan section.

Nature in Beijing

2019 Beijing Nature Watch Festival

From October 26 to 30, Beijing Forestry Carbon Administration, Beijing Forestry Society, and Shan Shui Conservation Center hosted the 2019 Beijing Nature Watch Festival with the guidance from Beijing Gardening and Greening Bureau and Peking University. During the festival, 62 people in total (16 teams) participated in the recording competition. They visited 7 districts of Beijing in the 36-hour time frame and recorded 17 species of fish, 1 species of amphibian, 1 species of reptile, 82 species of birds and 4 species of mammals in total. Amongst the animals observed, 12 species are listed as Class II protected species at the national level. The competition has also recorded 576 species of plants in 359 genera and 112 families. These records provide data support for biodiversity research and conservation in Beijing.

In the meantime, partners from NatureWin, Beagle Study Tours, Friends of Nature, Chuan Yue Eco, Milu Park, Blue Planet, and Tian Xia Xi also organized nature tours in urban green spaces such as Haidian Park, Temple of Heaven and Old Summer Palace to guide citizens on how to observe nature.

As a part of the “Restoration of Urban Biodiversity in Beijing and Eco-education Demonstration Project”, Beijing Nature Watch Festival hopes to raise the public’s attention to biodiversity around us. Data collected in the events will be entered into Beijing Biodiversity Database.

Nature, Culture, Guanba

2019 Guanba Nature and Culture Watch Festival

From November 11 to 13, Guanba Nature and Culture Watch Festival has been successfully held in Guanba Village of Mupi Tibetan Ethnic Township, Pingwu County, Mianyang, Sichuan Province. 10 teams with around 30 nature lovers from all over China conducted nature and culture dual surveys in the region. In three days, participants recorded 66 species of birds, 19 species of mammals and 194 species of plants. They have also visited local communities and listened to stories from local conservationists. Through the Nature and Culture Watch Festival, nature lovers acquired the opportunity to learn about Guanba’s fertile natural resources and its unique history and culture. They are also devoted to spread the gorgeousness of this land to the broader world and to introduce the conservation work in Guanba to more people.

Shan Shui Conservation Patrons

Offline Activities for Monthly Patrons of Shan Shui

Since the Chinese New Year’s Eve of 2019, Shan Shui Conservation Center has launched our monthly patron campaign and set up a community for our supporters to discuss nature conservation work together. On November 23 and December 15, we held 2 offline activities for patrons in Beijing and Guangzhou respectively. In our Beijing salon, we have discussed the present state of conservation charities, deliberated approaches to improve the influence of non-profit organizations, and watched some fantastic documentaries. In Guangzhou, we strolled through tropical bushes inside South China Botanical Garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences to observe marvelous plants, birds and insects together.

PS. Shan Shui patrons’ offline activities are designed specifically for monthly supporters of Shan Shui Conservation Patrons, which include patron meetings, documentary viewing, bird- and plant-watching and many other forms of activities. Besides, there will be more exclusive events such as “Patron Open Day” to be released in the near future. We look forward to welcoming you to become one of our patrons. You, can help support wildlife conservation together with us!

Did You See a Hedgehog? 

Online Collection of  “Hedgehog Intelligence”

On October 27, Shan Shui Conservation Center started a collection of  “hedgehog intelligence” on WeChat and Weibo to collect information about hedgehogs from residents in Beijing and Shanghai. So far, we have collected more than 100 pieces of valid data. Based on Shan Shui’s urban ecosystem restoration projects in recent years, the “hedgehog intelligence” campaign is aimed at providing part of the data support to relevant urban projects by harvesting the power of the public, thus to answer questions on the living conditions urban wildlife and their conservation plans.

PS. We are still collecting information and we welcome everyone to provide updated “hedgehog intelligence”. Don’t forget to @山水自然保护中心 on Weibo!

Protect Tianchi Forests

Research Volunteer Project in Yunlong Tianchi

With the support of GAC Toyota and China Green Foundation, Shan Shui recruited 6 research volunteers to conduct monitoring work on forest restoration in Yunlong Tianchi National Nature Reserve from December 1 to 5. In 5 days, volunteers have completed tasks of monitoring vegetation on slopes, as well as sampling of water quality and insects. The volunteers also shared their insights and knowledge of nature conservations with their peers every evening. Since the project was in place, the burnt areas have been restored effectively. We appreciate the great effort and contributions that our volunteers have made!

Urban Citizen Scientists

“Raccoon Dogs, Communal Homes” Project is Officially Launched in Shanghai

On December 8, with the support of Amity Foundation and Huatai Securities, the “Raccoon Dogs, Communal Homes” Citizen Scientist Joint Project was officially launched in Shanghai. The Project was initiated and operated by the conservation biology research group of Fudan University together with Shan Shui Conservation Center. At the launching ceremony, the project team members stated the origin and scheme for the project in front of more than 70 volunteers and specifically set up group discussions and presentation sessions. In the future, we hope to build stronger connections with the public and explore the natural world around us together.

Otter! How Are You?

2019 China Otter Investigation and Conservation Report Press Release

On December 15, the Report titled “Otter Investigation and Conservation in China 2019” and co-authored by 15 conservation organizations in China, was officially released in Guangzhou. The Report received guidance from China Green Foundation, Qinghai Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment and Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration. As China’s first systematic summary of the current status of surveys and conservation of otters, the Report hopes to elevate the public’s attention and understanding of the Eurasian otter — a flagship species of river ecosystems. Furthermore, China Green Foundation, GAC Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. and Shan Shui Conservation Center have initiated the “Endangered Species Conservation Project” at the press release. We hope to promote conservation of the Eurasian otter and other endangered species through a wide range of participation and collaboration.

Shan Shui × Qilian Mountains National Park

New Collaboration

In the fourth quarter of the year, Shan Shui Conservation Center and Qilian Mountains National Park Administration (Qinghai Area) have formally started collaboration, mainly on monitoring and conservation of the snow leopard and other mammals living in Suli Township, Tianjun County. From December 14 to 20, staff from Qilian Mountains National Park Administration, Peking University Center for Nature and Society and Shan Shui Conservation Center assembled a team of 7 people to conduct camera trap data collection and human-wildlife conflict surveys. In the next stage of our work, we hope to develop a better cooperation with local rangers and herders by providing training on the operation of camera traps and OvitalMap app. Moreover, looking for effective early-warning and intervention measures for wildlife-induced incidents will be another main focus in the future.

Let’s Talk about Nation Parks

Symposium on National Park Franchise Scheme Development

On December 22, the Symposium on National Park Franchise Scheme Development was held at Peking University. During the Symposium, representatives from governments, national parks, NGOs and academia came together to share their research results and practical experiences on national park franchises. The Symposium has sparked an enthusiastic discussion surrounding the two main themes of “promotion of national park franchise scheme development” and “promotion of community benefits from national park franchises”.

We would like to express our appreciation to Sanjiangyuan National Park’s Lancang Administration Committee, Peking University Center for Nature and Society, SEE Sanjiangyuan Project Center, Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration, China Environmental Protection Foundation, Alibaba Foundation, Amity Foundation, Huatai Securities and Huatai United Securities for their crucial guidance and support to the Symposium.

translated by Songyu Chai, edited by Emma