Cute!Wild Giant Panda Playing In the Snow in Pingwu County, Sichuan Province

Giant Panda and Forest Conservation

Recently, He Ping Village Community Reserve of Muzuo Tibetan Township, Pingwu county, Mianyang, Sichuan province, recorded an infrared-camera video of wild giant pandas playing in the snow.

In this video, a wild giant panda is playing in the thigh-deep snow. The panda is circling in the snow and having fun, its face and body was covered with snow, and it plunged its face into the snow, full of cuteness. In another video, a wild giant panda steps on a dead branch in the snow to practice “catwalk” and casually walks out of the picture.

Surprisingly, the infrared cameras retrieved at 10 sites in the reserve all captured images of giant pandas.

(Journalist: Yang Yong Producer: Chen Xuanbin Video: Shan Shui Conservation Center, He Ping Community Reserve)