Snow Leopard Research and Conservation


As the flagship species of the Tibetan Plateau ecosystem, the snow leopard has always been a focus in our community-based monitoring and conservation practices. In 2018, we added 3 more monitoring areas and 100 infrared cameras. Now we have 11 long-term monitoring areas and 600 cameras covering an area of more than 7,000 square kilometers and engaging over 300 local herders in monitoring duties. Through- out the year over 100,000 working days have been achieved of the infrared cameras installed and images of 23 mammalian species captured.
The number of attendances reached 1,500 in 20 training sessions where we taught local herders how to use camera traps and Ovital Map.
We have completed the “Camera Trap Monitoring Handbook”, a Chengduo County Biodiversity Report, and two RAP reports on camera trap group coverage and species diversity in Namsei Township and the core zone of Dongzhong subarea, Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve.