• Ms. Sun Shan

    Board Chair

    Co-founder of Shan Shui Conservation Center. She also founded the Green Life Society, the first environmental group at her alma mater Peking University. She received her Master's degree in Environmental Studies and Public Policy from George Mason University in 1999 and spent five years studying bio-medicine and wildlife genetics. In 2002, she launched the CI China Program with Lu Zhi and has since been working to administer 6.5 million US dollars of the Critical Ecosystem Partner Fund in the Mountains of Southwest China. In 2010 she helped create LEAD & Beyond, a fellowship program designed to promote leadership for sustainable development.

  • Ms. Lu Zhi

    Board Member

    Professor of PKU School of Life Sciences; executive director of PKU Center for Nature and Society; cofounder of Shan Shui Conservation Center; vice president of China Women Scientists Association; president of a global snow leopard conservation network. She is dedicated to long-term studies of the giant panda, snow leopard and other flagship species in the Mountains of Southwest China and on the Tibetan Plateau as well as studies of interspecific interactions and trophic cascades in Sanjiangyuan, a well-preserved grassland ecosystem. She has extended her attention to interactions between ecosystems and human socioeconomic systems and the effects of various policies and conservation practices on the ecosystems.

  • Mr. Xu Jintao

    Board Member

    Distinguished Professor in the Peking University Yabo Recruitment Program; vice dean of PKU National School of Development; director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research; doctoral supervisor of PKU College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering; Executive Director and Deputy Chair of China Forestry Economics Society (CFES). His interests of study include resource economics, climate change and pollution control policies for industrial companies.

  • Mr. Yang Rui

    Board Member

    Mr. Yang is a professor with the Tsinghua Department of Landscape Architecture, which he co-founded and leads. He also heads Tsinghua University National Park Research Institute. Mr. Yang earned his Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Engineering (Urban Planning and Design) and Doctor of Engineering (Landscape Architecture) from Tsinghua University. He is also a GSD visiting scholar at Harvard University.

  • Ms Shi Xiangying

    Board Member

    Executive director of Shan Shui Conservation Center, PhD at School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Peking University. She received her undergraduate degree in Development Economics from the School of Economics of Peking University and master's degree in Environmental Science from the Yale College of Forests and the Environment. She has been engaged in ecological and climate change economics research, community conservation work and organization management since 2013.

  • Ms. Marjorie Yang

    Honorary Chair

    A CPPCC member since 2003, Ms. Yang chairs Esquel Group, a leading textile and apparel manufacturer with operations throughout the world. She is a current member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, while serving as Deputy Chairman of the Seoul International Business Advisory Council (SIBAC) and Honorary Chair of Shan Shui Conservation Center. Ms. Yang has found her passion to promote higher education and high/ new technology and to share her experience with many renowned universities in the United States, mainland China, and Hong Kong SAR.

  • Ms. Chen Haiying

    Chief Supervisor

    Ms. Chen obtained her BA in Economics from the Shanghai University of International Business and Economics before she went on to work in the Personnel Department and the International Business Management Department of the Ministry of International Business and Economic Cooperation (now the Ministry of Commerce). She also served as vice-consul for business at the Chinese consulate-general in Vancouver, Canada, and then as deputy director for public affairs in Bombardier Inc. Beijing Office. She moved to Esquel Group Hong Kong in 2003 and currently works as the Chief Representative of its Beijing Office.

  • Mr. Xu Zhihong

    Senior Advisor

    Professor of Peking University School of Life Sciences; president of Peking University School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences; researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, CAS; CAS and TWAS member; plant physiologist; former president of Peking University (Nov. 1999—2008). Currently Mr. Xu chairs the UNESCO's China MAB National Committee and leads the Enforcement of Scientific Ethic Committee for the CAS Academic Division. A great contributor to plant sciences and nature reserves in China, Mr. Xu has a long pursuit of study in plant developmental biology, plant cell culture and genetic manipulation, and botanical bioengineering.

  • Ms. Lu Yinghua


    Stockholder and initiator of Shan Shui Partnership Co.; having sponsored and called for multiple fundraising dinners and activities over the long years of her support to SSCC.

  • Mr. Zheng Yisheng


    Researcher at the CASS Institute of Quantitative & Technical Economics; deputy director of the Environmental Centre. His interests of study include sustainable development.