Yunlong: Multi-Value Forest Recovery


In the Yunlong Tianchi National Nature Reserve we worked with local communities to restore the burns. Our project also included efforts to carry out species monitoring and scientific research, restore the integrity of the forest ecosystem, develop community livelihoods, and to benefit both wildlife and the human community.
In 2018, we engaged a total of 53 Shuchang residents in restoring vegetation in the burned area. We successfully managed 200,000 square kilometers of revegetation and had 466,666 square kilometers under patrol. In our April 2018 Tianchi Citizen Science Initiative 8 nature lovers from all over the country found and documented 81 species of birds, 52 species of plants and 11 amphibian species. Of their records, 17 bird species, 26 plant species, and one amphibian species were new to the nature reserve’s database.
To make the most of local ecological resources, we provided 40 residents with training in nature guide and livelihood development. We also tried to understand the residents’ willingness and ability to receive nature tourists and based on this, to forge a connection between local cooperatives and external resources.